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Розробник: Cosibon AG

Sharing shopping lists and loyalty cards was never so easy:
The heart of SharyShop is a list divided into a "We have" and "We need" section. You can continuously add items to the list and swipe them from "We have" to "We need" if the article is used up. After you have bought the item that you have used up, you can swipe it back from the "We need" list to the "We have" list. This way, one knows exactly which articles are still at home and which need to be purchased the next time when running errands. SharyShops advantage compared to other apps is that frequently bought items remain always present in the list and can be easily swiped between "We have" and "We need" which greatly simplifies the the usability of SharyShop.

Share single articles instead of entire lists:
SharyShop simplifies shopping for users that share the household with a number of persons (partners, roomies, working place) as it allows them to share single articles. This is especially useful for users that live in a shared flat where only collective articles, such as tissues and spices, are shared but not individual articles like razor blades or lipsticks.

Collect bonus points together:
Manage your loyalty cards in SharyShop and present them at the cash point without searching for them in your wallet. The loyalty cards can be shared with your friends the same way you share your items with your friends, enabling you to collect bonus points with your roomies.

No disturbing push notifications:
SharyShop is unintrusive and quiet. We respect your privacy and do not make use of disturbing notifications.